In the digital era, platform business models beat traditional business models in winner takes all contests. Experts suggest that by 2025 large distinct ecosystems will account for $60 trillion of global revenue or roughly one third of all revenue.

Leaders of traditional business models must develop new strategies and operational capabilities or risk disruption by platform businesses that leverage societal change, new technologies and the exponential benefits of the network effect. The Insurance Platforms Institute is a thought leadership community and industry association that serves business leaders as they drive platform business model and digital ecosystem strategy in the global insurance industry.

Derek M. D’Onofrio, Founder

With extensive experience in the insurance industry he has an unmatched vantage point, seeing things as an insurance company operations, operations transformation and analytics business services practitioner serving primary insurance companies in the United States. His professional purpose is to transform the insurance industry through the adoption of innovative technologies and solutions affecting business model, operating model, process or task level performance across the insurance value chain and delivering step change improvements in growth, profitability and customer experience.  For more information: